Time is the thing you’re most aware of.


Your life is flying by, your kids are changing and things you may not even realize are going to be different in the blink of an eye.

One day the memories you hold dear won’t feel as vibrant + alive as they do right now.

Though you’ll try to hang on, over time your brain will fail you and the details will become fuzzy. The very best moments of your life, the foundational ones, will be forgotten.

But what if I could help make sure they weren’t?


 “I want the boys to see me as healthy while I feel good.”

-Shaina,  a cancer fighter

You already know the intricacies of your family & what makes it yours.


We can’t prevent loss or stop change, but we can make a choice to document all the people + places that mean the most.

What do you cherish? In your home? About your family? In this season of life?

I have a feeling you’re already thinking of some things but have never thought to have them recorded.

Don’t worry — I’m here to make sure the people + places you value, won’t go undocumented.

Think you’re doing a good job documenting with your iPhone?