Home is more

than just a house.

Your home is a witness to love, where stories are being weaved and stitched,
and your history preserved between the walls, ceiling, and floors.

Home is freedom, comfort, acceptance, and love.

Mama, the time to document your children is NOW. Before they’re grown,
away at college, married, or half way across the country.

mother children swinging



Get to know me and my journey.

Baby girl looking out storm door with reflection



Stories that live inside your home.

Boy being disciplined with his nose in the corner



Connection and truth over perfection.

Your most treasured memories
are being made today.

There is beauty

in everyday life.

It’s the sound of your baby girl upstairs, awake from her nap. It’s the excitement that overwhelms the house when daddy gets home. It’s the sound of your husband snoring. The warmth of the sun as you set out for a walk around the block. The rustling of Legos as your son looks for just the right piece. Bed-head and pajamas at three in the afternoon.

When your little ones are grown and gone, you’ll want images that remind you of how they wrinkled their nose when they smiled, the sound of them calling out to you, and how their little feet sounded like a parade of elephants coming down the hallway. When they’re gone, you’ll try and remember the muffled voices of bedtime stories, or how they felt in your arms. My photographs will help transport you back to those days.


7 Meaningful

photo session
locations for families