I believe that photographs have the power to keep our memories alive + breathing.

Some of my favorite memories as a child were baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch with my mama, hiking around the little log cabin we lived in (with a dozen cats in tow), and going out in the woods to cut and drag our Christmas tree home.

The thing is: I don’t have pictures of these memories.

You know what those stories are for yourself.

From your childhood, to falling in love, to parenthood and the family that you grow into together. I have a feeling you’re already thinking of some things but have never thought to have them recorded.

Don’t worry — I’m here to help you fill up your photo boxes.

 “You don’t realize until things are gone that you missed taking a picture of them.”

— Martha Cooper

Stories shared are the ones that live on.

I remember as a child grabbing an old popcorn tin filled with old b&w images of people I didn’t know and still feeling nostalgic as I asked my mom who these people were. It allowed me to learn of the generations before me, it brought my mom and I together— even if just for a moment.

Or more recently my siblings all sitting in the floor of my mother-in-law’s living room, stacks of photographs piled in everyone’s laps— retelling stories of our Granny who had just passed.

 Think you’re doing a good job documenting with your iPhone?