I’m Dreama: a family photographer + storyteller. I also wipe snotty noses and stand in as a human jungle-gym, among many other hats.

I work with people who have felt the burden of life changing too fast.


My why

behind what I do.

In life I’ve experienced some pretty big changes over and over. This is WHY I value family photography.

Some of my favorite memories of childhood are baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch with my mama, hiking around the little log cabin we lived in (with a dozen cats in tow), and going out in the woods to cut and drag our Christmas tree home.

The thing is: I don’t have pictures of these memories.

As a child we moved often and when we did, we didn’t take many things with us. That means many of my most favorite memories exist only in my mind.


Life moves on and things change.

One day these memories won’t feel as vibrant and alive as they do for me right now. Though I’ll try to hang on, over time the details become fuzzy. The very best moments of my childhood, the ones that make made who I am, may one day be forgotten.

This is why I use the power of photographs to keep stories alive and breathing for me + our children.

You’ve made it to this page for a reason. Hold on to your family’s childhood, I’m here to help.

mother and children swinging

Just can’t get enough?

Here’s are a little bit more about me..

  1. I used to design packaging for Dollar Tree. It may sound glamorous until you realise it was mostly for things like butt paste or feminine products.
  2. Sweets are my weakness. I love them all.
  3. I am an old soul. I truly wish I was born into an episode of Downton Abbey. Talk about heartbroken when the show ended.
  4. Before stepping out and becoming an entrepreneur I worked for one of the best local design agencies. We got to work on designs for a local theme park among many other amazing clients. They taught me so much about properly designing things.
  5. I’m a serious Plain Jane. You can find me most days in a t-shirt and jeans or yoga pants. #momlife
  6. Growing up we had a pet skunk named stinker. He was seriously as smart as a dog.
  7. My love for photography didn’t start until I was required to take Photography 101 during my graphic design degree and even then I hated the thought of spending so much on a camera.
  8. Once I start reading a good book, I CAN’T put it down. All time faves: A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett and Peony in Love by Lisa See. I love reading about other cultures.
  9. I’ve cried during many movies whether at home or surrounded by complete strangers in a theater.
  10. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda obsessed with black & white photography.