We have loved visiting the Zuni Tree and Alpaca Farm for the past three years.


It takes me back to my childhood when I lived in a log cabin surrounded by thousands of acres of game management property. My step dad told us this story about searching the woods for the “perfect Christmas tree” and that we’d know when we found the perfect one because “when you give it a little shake it’ll fall over.”

I look back on those times with so much love + nostalgia, I just wish there were photos of our time together searching through the woods.

When I became a mama, my dream has always been to keep the adventure + magic of looking for a Christmas tree alive.

We may be city slickers now, but nothing a little Google search and drive can’t fix!

A few years ago we came across Zuni Tree and Alpaca Farm and I knew we just had to go. The trees are just beautiful and non-traditional all in the same. We arrive, grab our saw, cardboard and tree wagon and let the search begin.

playing hide and seek at Christmas tree farm

little boy running in between Christmas trees

father and son cutting down Christmas tree

girl standing in row of Christmas trees

children searching for perfect Christmas tree

family standing next to their Christmas tree

father and son pulling Christmas tree on cart

guy wrapping christmas tree in netting

tying Christmas tree on car

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