Expecting a list of parks and beautiful historic sites?

Maybe you’re under the impression that for a family photo session, you have to shop for coordinating outfits, browse Pinterest for your favorite poses to send your photographer, and visit the most scenic location in your area?

Totally not true!

You know how these sessions go:

✓ You frantically search for matching outfits
✓ Someone cries because they hate theirs
✓ You scream to get everyone out the door
✓ You finally arrive only to plaster your faces with fake smiles
✓ Your husband rolls his eyes at the lie of it all

Is this really what parenthood looks like?

The answer is no! (and it’s way over-done)

My style is all about making sure the people + places that actually matter don’t go undocumented.

This means when chatting about where you want your session to happen, i’m going to ask you about your daily routine; the things you enjoy doing the most with your family.

Your session can be spent at home, hiking your favorite trail, at the local grocery store, or taxing your kids from one athletic event to another. The more authentic to your normal routine, the better the chances of capturing what really matters.

I dare you to let go of the idea of getting all dolled up for the park and let your story be photographed instead. Create a session that no one can replicate.

Want to spark some meaningful location ideas?