Often times one of the BIGGEST hesitations in hiring a documentary photographer is the pressure you feel to have the “perfect home.”

I totally understand that having young children means you are living in a home that  “appears to have just been ransacked by intruders” and a little less like Joanna Gaines just left (totally speaking for myself here too).

The thought of getting the house into a semi-presentable state might be completely overwhelming.

Trust me, I get it – that is my life.

The reality is, that for most in home sessions, I am only going to shoot in a handful of rooms, the ones that have the best natural light.

BUT, for those of you who just can’t get past the idea, I encourage you to think outside the box.


The Tracey family allowed me to document them at one of the coolest theme parks in Williamsburg, Virginia!

Busch Gardens is totally a favorite of for so many Hampton Roads families in the spring, summer + fall.

PS. Little Alden asked if we could take a family picture. Scroll down to see what happened. Totally UNPROMPTED #mykindafamilypicture.


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