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Think back to a favorite memory as a child.

Do you have a picture of that?


If you’re like me, probably not.

I didn’t grow up looking at pictures of myself coming home from the hospital, walking for the first time or a youthful single mama, bronzed with long brown hair, holding (me) her little girl. But I know all these things happened.

Photography is so much more than creating a pretty picture — its about documenting your family and the season of life you’re in now. You get so caught up in the daily grind and before you know it the house will be empty. The chaos of life will slow down and you’ll miss all those exhausting days of parenthood. You’ll miss your babies.

The changes from day to day are hard to see, but add up all the days, months and years, and the lack of baby rolls, kissing boo boos, endless laundry, belly laughs, & rainy day cuddles are enough to have you in a puddle on the floor.

My vision is that 20+ years from now your babies will come home for the holidays, you’ll gather around the table or maybe the fireplace and take out the box of prints/album that was created so many years before. Thumbing through the photographs will transport you back to those very days. Your children will be able to open the album of the time we spent together and see mom & dad, youthful, vibrant and for a little while you’ll all be together just like you were so many years before.


I want to begin documenting the legacy of your family. FOR FREE. You heard that right.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

My goal with the Legacy Project is that you love how these photographs represent your family. That you insist on having a Documentary Family Session done every year and an album printed.


Anyone who lives in Hampton Roads and is open to me documenting your family for 2-3 hours. The session will start in your home and will go where ever your routine leads us.  Interested? Fill out the form below.



However, I am a firm believer in getting those photos out of your digital life and into your hands.

After each session a reveal party will be scheduled where you’ll be able to see and order the photos that light you up. I’ll be designing a beautiful album for each family that you can purchase for a super reduced price. In no way is anyone required to purchase anything.


These sessions will be offered for a limited time. I aim to photograph one family a month until I feel the project is complete. By agreeing to let me photograph your family, you’re allowing me to use any and all images online and/or print, on social media, marketing material etc. Every family will  receive between 50 – 80 high resolution photos in a PASS gallery roughly three – four weeks after the session with full personal printing rights.



Mallory & Girls
Joyce Family
Kelce Family

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