“I always secretly have some anxiety while preparing
for family photo sessions. “- Brittany

Finding the right outfits, praying for everyone to have a good hair day, making sure everyone is well rested, fed…

Let’s not even talk about behavior. 😑

Um..who wouldn’t get stressed out trying to coordinate all of that?

These are not things you have to worry about with documentary photography.

The key to stress free sessions is to stop putting pressure on yourselves!

Comfort comes from being in your home, wearing the
clothes you wear every day and doing the things you do every day.

NOT from planning.

When I read through Brittany’s email I couldn’t have been more excited for them to be the first family I’d get to photograph for the Legacy Project. They are a young family of entrepreneurs who are in a season of messiness, chaos and full schedules. The idea of shopping for outfits, getting her children to stand still and sport fake smiles just wasn’t appealing to her.

Her worries of perfection seemed to be tossed to the wayside for a session spent at home where I could capture the fullness of their home —the beauty and love.

“..we all felt completely at ease, as we were able to go about our day, in OUR home, in comfortable clothes, with not one ounce of stress.” -Brittany

Enjoy some images from the Whites documentary session.

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